Intimidating anteater frightens baby kangaroo


Why are these creatures wearing clothing? They are wild animals and not adorable pets.


What makes a particular species a wild animal?

Kangaroo is wise to be scared. Thats the pose the anteater makes right before it eviscerates you with a quick crossing swipe of those claws. Its called the embrace of the anteater.

Domestication. It’s the reason you don’t see clowns riding zebras in the circus. Clowns really really want to ride zebras - but they can’t be tamed. Things that can be domesticated were domesticated about 4,000 years ago, give or take. Those ones are pets. The other ones bite you, no matter how patiently you hold out the peanut.

I get bitten by other people’s pets all the time. Domestication is skin deep.

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IDK, I kinda’ want to see the anteater wearing a pair of bib-overalls in his intimidation pose.

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Don’t fuck with anteaters!

Unless you’re a furry and they’ve given informed consent.

I’ll show myself out…

Photoshop was made for special moments like this.

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Eh, I’d hazard a guess that most mammals are trivially domesticate-able. You just need enough generations of selection. I’m sure if you start out with a population of sufficient size you can breed cuddly kangaroos and anteaters that have floppy ears and tails, and have dappled coats.


You’d hazard a guess wrong, then. There is, as was previously mentioned, a reason zebras have never been domesticated.


I’ll say. The last time I tried to tame a clown I ended up getting a face full of pie. I ended up having to send the critter to a free-range sanctuary in Cucamonga.


Don’t mess with the anteater when he’s pissed:

Trained as a riding animal? Not exactly domesticated, but circus clowns could ride them in a circle, it seems.

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