Intricate sculptures carved from pencils


Good nickname! Cerkahegyző means “pencil sharpener” in Hungarian. :pencil2:

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What the HELL, these are insane. INSANE.

If David Rees is bored with mere artisanal sharpening, then it is time to up his game…

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These are amazing. But i couldn’t help but notice that the UPC sticker on #4 and #5 are identical and have the same random scratches on it.

Then i realized that #4 is indeed the same pencil, just before he cut the head in half to make the two-headed #5.

Very cool.


Not a Blackwing…nothing to see here folks…move along

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Thanks for the explanation. I came to the comments section to find out whether he “cheated” on #5 (also #15) but after reading your comment I realized he had split the pointed tip of the pencil so we were seeing half of each side. Pretty amazing!

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