Inventorying a $5 garage sale score


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I would call this an epic score. Mostly due to the wood screws. They are likely of a much better quality of steel than what can be purchased these days. Seems like all the hardware I can find is of such low quality that it shears off with the slightest amount of torque. Plus the packaging is cool too!


Heck, the robuts alone are worth it for me…


@frauenfelder quick typo fix…you probably intended to title this garage sale score…unless this is some ingenious way to get people to click through to let you know about the typo…if so well played you got me! hee hee.

In all seriousness though that is a score and looks like it was the type of sale I like to hit with old cool stuff…not just broken used walmart and ikea crap. I call the latter Garbage Sales and like to joke that they left the B out of their sign.


I just want the weight.


Old erasers can be revived with a dremel or similar abrader.


I was looking forward to seeing the actual “garage scale” @frauenfelder scored…


I <3 pencils!


Yes, so happy about those screws! I’m restoring machinist chests and I’m hoping some of these are a fit.


Used pool chalk?


Seems to me a 36 to 66 year-old pencil might not exhibit the same sought-after performance capabilities now as when it came out of the factory. Just sayin’…


And “draughting pencils”? Are those the pencils you use to prop open the door so that a cold breeze can come in? I see that it really spelt that way, even on pencils. I guess it is an alternate spelling of “drafting” of which I was unaware.


Nah you snap them into lots of small pieces and play draughts with them.


Give you $5 to keep that ugly chalk away from my table.


I liked the graphics on the label. Unlikely I’ll use it.


Not so sure, these work beautifully. Illustrators seek out and use deadstock pencils quite a bit, so perhaps graphite and clay don’t change much with age. That said, I’m not running out to buy $75 Blackwings…


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