Investigators: Egyptian statue not cursed


Thank you, Messrs Obvious and Indubitable.


I knew there had to be a logical explanation…and yet I find myself disappointed. I wish just once the “logical explanation” would expand our idea of what’s logical.

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In the old days of washing-machine sized disk drives in the seventies, mainframe computer operators would sometimes be tormented by prankster programmers who would set up a rapid series of disk drive head seeks that would make the disk drive vibrate so much that it would walk across the floor.


That’s just what “THEY” want you to believe.

The tragedy is that the not one of the 1000s of TV news shows that had the original video will report the explanation. The Beeb should have made another viral YouTube video.


The vibrations were caused by a curse?


That rush of wind you just felt was from my mind being blown. This opens up a whole new possible area for inspection. TO THE LABORATORY!

No, no. Just a run-of-the-mill Hex.

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Or maybe convex bases are a curse, considering the Incredible Jimmy Brain no-spill coffee mug.


I knew I could convince them.

What we call “logical” has nothing to do with logic, and everything to do with confirming our preconceptions.

It was just a matter of time. The Weeping Angels are here.

And spinning in a circle!

Kind of a shitty “curse” to begin with, or designed to fuck with artifact collectors with really bad OCD “God damn it! All of my objects are facing the same direction except this fucking thing!!! ARGHHHH!”

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