Invited citizen journalist at GOP rally violently arrested for recording speakers


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We need to get this lady a data connection and automatic cloud backup.


But who among us could have foreseen being arrested for trespassing while being a front row guest at a political function you were invited to, and being charged with assault for being the victim of sexual abuse at said function?


Certainly not a man.

Stories like this make me wonder if it would help to have a little concealed camera as backup so one can very conspicuously turn off the big one on your shoulder?


So an organization can have public servants provide security for an event on private property. How about that?


It really wasn’t even necessary to state that the gop was involved. They’re predictable that way.


Wasnt there some previous news about a GOP videogame to “spread the message” or something like that? Way to reach out and “raise awareness”…

Normal practise at football matches here in the UK, though the teams pay for the cost of the police inside the stadium. I’ve also seen police at other events by a similar arrangement.

We do the same here in the US. The stadium event organizers pay for the services they use.

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