iOS's first major malware challenge


To get an Enterprise certificate you (last time i checked) have to provide your DUNS number for your organization, which means you can’t just be a fly by night ne’er-do-well. The issue is those enterprise certs are then valid for installing software on any device – if a nefarious dev leaks that cert to the wild, then you get things like GBA4iOS using a compromised cert (which apple can expire remotely).

It’s an additional hurdle for them, just to be clear - not only 300 bucks.


You know that you can get a DUNS number free via a link at Apple? So you have to forge or obtain some credentials to go through the DUNS process (they called me to validate details when I got mine), but it’s possible to get one without paying for it. It’s a good point, of course, that it adds more hurdles and makes these sorts of attacks most likely either with hijacked credentials (compromised developer accounts) or for a very specific spearphishing attack, because you burn your credentials as soon as it’s discovered.

Related, though, it’s possible that organizations attacked through spearphishing may not recognize for some time that they’ve been victimized, although the apps in this case should be primitive enough to not withstand scrutiny.

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