Iowa School Board Candidate Wants to out LGBTQ kids

Waukee, Iowa school board candidate Vin Thaker proposes to share the name of every kid who checks out pro-LGBTQ books. Thaker wants to collect the students’ names, notify their parents, and then make “the person who ordered these titles” defend their choices.


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I wonder if he has some connection to re-educationorientation camps.


Up next, anyone who’s not a Christian and has kids will have them stolen “liberated” and given to a good little Christian (white) family.

I wish this was sarcasm but the way this country is going I can see this happening any day now.


Well, it’s happened before, so it would really just be bringing it back. Most of the cases I can find on a quick cursory search are custody battles, of course, but I’ve seen references to CPS being called on non-Christian families for that specific purpose. (Thankfully fewer cases of actually taking away children, at least permanently.)


The asshole was defeated. Which is good. But I find the idea of anyone running for a school board who would put kids in harm’s way very scary.
Local elections matter. Vote every election.


I’m so glad to hear that! The story popped up today in my Book Riot LGBTQ newsletter as part of the latest round of attacks on books. The newsletter is largely aimed at library oriented people, but anyone is free to subscribe! (No, I don’t in any way work for them.)


Not at all uncommon if you are a member of an indigenous group. The US has a shameful history here that is largely overlooked.


The article that @Faffenreffer posted does go into it farther down after the particulars of that one adoption case, but just for visibility: Canada isn’t the only country with a brutal and frequently genocidal history of Christian “boarding schools” for indigenous peoples that were little more than legal kidnapping-and-murder programs, and it’s not even ancient history. These places operated well into the late 20th century. Really, we never stopped doing what you’re worried about happening. Fascism is just working to expand the infrastructure to the next rung on the vulnerable people ladder.


That sounds like a major 4th amendment violation.

In loco parentis does not mean “we can harass you over shit that’s none of our business”


Maybe someone should purchase his browsing history from a data broker and post it on the entrance to the school like they’re a cyberpunk Martin Luther

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