School superintendent officially quashes rumor of litterboxes in bathrooms for students "self-identifying as animals"

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A reminder: even though conservatives have a very severe projection issue these days, it’s not nice to kink shame.


All part of the larger co-ordinated effort by fascists to take control of the school boards. Stupid and hateful talking points like this are being shared as fast as social media channels can carry them.


Reminds me of conservatives “muddying the waters” when it comes to discussions of legalized gay marriage by comparing it to legalizing sex with animals or minors.


Ah, some good ol’ Rick Santorum-style reductio ad absurdum razzle dazzle.

From Santorum regrets comparing homosexuality to bestiality | CNN Politics


This kind of story pops up in google news all the time under their fact-checking sidebar, and most of the time you don’t even need to read the debunking, it’s obvious that it’s something conservatives spread around as deliberate weaponized rumor-mongering, or at best started out as a joke then got passed around as true. And so now we have QAnon.

I wish there was a way to stop it but for every one that’s successfully debunked ten more appear.


I heard about this. I thought originally this was from Virginia, where they set up the hotline to narc on things happening in schools, and kids were making stuff up to clog up the line with BS.


Nah, it’s been going around a while. Someone spread the same rumor that it was going on at Bath Iron Works. You know, the place where they build navy destroyers. Folks were repeating it on Reddit until I laughed them off the forum for their stupidity in believing that bullshit.


Until about ten years ago I assumed most people had an internal bullshit alarm. Because whenever I hear something like that that sounds obviously not true, I do some digging and try to find out where it comes from. And unless there is a reputable source I assume it’s total crap. And even if there’s a reputable source I don’t 100% believe it.

But it turns out to be more like “Cousin Bobby said it on teh Bookface so it must be true!!1!!”

God I am disappointed in people.


Bath in the UK? I’ve been there and seen the Roman era public bathing pools.

When was that rumor spread, recently?

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what (as the kids say) dafuq??


Sick fucks who are obsessed with children’s genitals spread vile rumors to justify their newest satanic panic.

AKA: Thursday.




It was going around here. My wife’s FaceBook page was full of “outrage” at our horrible school board for allowing such depravity. Stupid stupid evil people.


I’m confused. I identify as an animal and prefer to share the same facilities as all the other human animals.


Bath, Maine. They make US warships there. The Zumwalt was built there. I got to see the Zumwalt commissioning ceremony and officially launch, though that was at Annapolis.


This kind of thing really lends support to the observation that targeting furries is just an attempt to create a socially acceptable, obfuscated venue for queerphobia.


Because the republicans have no policies or platforms other than hate, what else can they offer. They offer nothing to better society, the environment or our relationships to other people or countries. Rather than being honest and saying, “we got nothing” they shake the bushes, make stupid noise then blame whomever they can demonize. That toxin haunted my childhood and even after I came to realize it wasn’t me who was sick, they had built a platform of self-loathing that still makes noise in the dark, still lurks under my bed. Me and millions of todays kids who don’t have enough advocates and queer hero’s not enough ever day folks that are visible. Thank you holy mother church, you did a great job on so many of us.


I don’t think the world will ever be able to thank Dan Savage enough for what he did to that’s man’s Google presence.


I can’t decide who is worse: those who invent these lies, or those who choose to believe them.

They do. Some of 'em turned it off [MAGAts, Evangelicals], or need new batteries [QAnoners[.

Ah, never done Tech Support, eh?

I hope someone pointed out that the policy discriminates against Animals Other Than Housecats.

There’s your problem.
These tubers don’t regard Humans as being mere animals; we are made in the image of their deity.
Or at least they are, which proves their deity to be a jibbering idiot, & an asshole to boot.