School superintendent officially quashes rumor of litterboxes in bathrooms for students "self-identifying as animals"

Thank you; it takes a real special type of willful moron to be unware that human beings ARE animals.

We sure as fuck aren’t plants or minerals…


also tax cuts, and bringing back leaded gasoline


Wait… what?



was going to write “bringing back DDT” (also true) but then I thought younger people wouldn’t even know what that was


Some people worry about if children in schools are shitting in a litter box.

Other people worry about the proliferation of guns in this country that contribute to mass shootings in places like schools, where, it turns out, it doesn’t really matter where the kids are shitting.


The interesting thing is that almost no kids come to my middle school with cat ear headbands or tails anymore. Maybe ten years ago some tiny indications of furry-curiosity were around, but that’s so last decade. I’m also very relieved to note that even the most jock-like boys don’t make jokes about identifying as helicopters anymore. Though, I’m the leader of the GSA, so, they might just know better than to do that nonsense around me because they know they’ll get an earful if they do.


Bath, Maine. Small town on the mid-coast of the state. Sorry for the confusion.

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“I have a PhD! I invented the technology that…”
[flips switch]
“Ah well [mumble mumble mumble mumble]


Whoopsie doodle, I was way off!

It would be neat to see a ship commissioning.

It was pretty cool. The Captain was James Kirk (not “T”). He led his commissioning speech with the Vulcan salute and “Live long and prosper.”

It’s an impressive vessel, all around.

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