iPad ebook of the 100 finest examples of 20th century filmmaking


“That item is currently not available in your non-US store”

“It’s only $10. I bought it earlier today and I love it.”

Until you start licensing the movies linked therein. :smile:

That’s quite a little image someone chose to show the insides of the app.
Oh I see, it’s from Taschen. They’ve never been shy, have they?

I do like Taschen. Yes, they’re of a type, but for breadth of coverage and introduction to / reminder of stuff, they make lovely glossy things that draw me in, in the little time I have for artistic learning.

Many’s the time I’ve loaded my amazon cart with 15 Taschen books, then wisely parked them for later, then wisely deleted them. I do check out the discount book stores if I’m passing one - they generally sell Taschen and equivalent books at 1/10th the original price.

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