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It’s been 4 years, and we need new phones. The 3GSs have served well, but now have a much shorter battery life than when we first bought 'em.

And that camera in the 5s would be perfect for wandering naturalist/artists like ourselves. Also annoying trying to grab a shot of three or four Grus canadensis crossing the road in the middle of Homer … and getting the 3GS camera to respond.

What I wait for is the bug reports from users before I get serious. iPhone 4 antenna kinda stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with either phone. But there’s not much that’s pulse-quickening about them either.

I can’t say that any phone has ever gotten me sexually aroused…

I hope Apple gets it together and increases marketshare of the iOS to more equal levels with Android. Otherwise, Android is going to turn into yet another near-monopoly on top of a near-monopoly (Google). Hopefully the Microsoft monopoly can get it together as well and stir up more competition. Maybe Blackberry can make a resurgence … I dunno.

Apple doesn’t always seem to put marketshare in the forefront of everything else (build quality, etc.) which is commendable, but as a consumer I wish they would. More competition is better.


I can’t say that any phone has ever gotten me sexually aroused

Of course not, they’re “emasculating,” remember?

Re: focusing on marketshare: that’s just not how Apple does. They’ve cultivated the image that ignoring market success is integral to what they do, and I’d hate for them to change and turn out to be right about that.

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Apple goes back and forth on that, I think. Sometimes they discount the importance of marketshare, but when the iPhone was dominating everything else (in the beginning) they trumpeted it pretty loud. Same with iTunes. As long as quality doesn’t go down, I don’t mind market success. But, if Microsoft Windows is any example of what it takes to be a market success with Operating Systems, then I’m very happy for Apple’s Mac OS X to stay put. The iOS on the other hand, I don’t use anyway except for testing.

David Pogue likes the new iPhone? Well, colour me surprised.

Hoping the Firefox phone that’s due to hit Spain soon quickly gets to the states. Soon is relative. All I’ve heard is that Spain gets it first. Lucky Spaniards. As to this phone from Apple? Meh. There’s a reason Android is beating iOS. People love their freedom of choice, even if it might be an illusion.

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Oh Yeah, that “problem” with a phone they were still selling 2 weeks ago

And in shock news, Gruber thinks the 5C is “going to be a huge hit”, and that the pink one is “likely to prove incredibly popular”.

I still don’t see why the colors are remotely interesting, as the iPhone was and is a notoriously case friendly phone, and many nice cases come in zillions of colors already…

Yeah, the iPhone 4 “antenna problem” turned out to effect many other manufacturer’s phones.

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