iPhone and Android compatible heart rate monitor

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/25/iphone-and-android-compatible.html

I just got the Tickr Run version and I really like it!

I connect it to this Android app to watch my heart rate while I do HIIT training.

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Because literally the only information about you that Apple and Google don’t yet have is real-time biometrics. This solves that problem for them.

And yet my internet life is still full of ads for things I bought a month ago.


I thought that was the point of the iWatch thingy? And Alphabet doesn’t use those peanuts, they invest heavily in med-tech and bio-tech companies, I vaguely remember. I’ve seen an infographic somewhere back in 2016, and it was quite clear that the long-term investment strategy was more on the health sector than on consumer products.

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