Iran sacks state TV chief after uncensored broadcast of Jackie Chan sex scene

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I thought that while the headscarf was compulsory for women in Iran, the veil was not.


When i stayed briefly in Saudi, I watched the film Gandhi on hotel television. Later back in the UK I watched the film again.It was a very different film. The main outstanding difference was the entire passage of scenes where a hindu family adopted an orphaned muslim child, during the partition of India and the secession of Pakistan. Gandhi was asked if they were doing the right thing. He replied “Yes, but you must raise the child as muslim.” They also used to censor my newspaper (the Guardian). At the time they ran a column called “naked ape” which satirically called out examples of sexism. It was routinely cut (with scissors, apparently) from my newspaper. As were many of the advertisements.


So in Iran all western movies are between six to twelve minutes long?


Jackie Chan did a sex scene at age 54?

shudders :open_mouth::astonished::fearful:


I have a certain sympathy for the censors in this case. Jackie Chan is an immensely talented, hard-working and in-many-ways-admirable man, and his movies are often tremendous fun. That said, I’m not sure I’d want to watch a middle-aged Jackie Chan pretending to bump uglies, let alone with an actress twenty-seven years his junior (to be fair, Jackie probably doesn’t want to watch me having sex either, or if he does, he’s been very discreet about it so far).

There are some who might argue that any movie in which a bankable but aging male star gets to do the horizontal rumba with some cute young thing half his age – which is about every second movie these days – ought to be heavily and arbitrarily censored just to encourage male directors to cut that shit out.


Veil in this case means headscarf, it doesn’t have to cover the face. There is more of an ongoing war in Tehran just how far back you can push it and how thin and colorful you can make it.

As for the sex scene, I haven’t seen the move, but how much does it take for something to be labeled a sex scene in Iran?


The tragedy here is that Iranian society didn’t have to wind up like this.


Yeah, I don’t think Jackie Chan has put himself in any terribly explicit sex scenes.


Probably not much if you aren’t allowed to say “I love you” on screen or acknowledge that the woman may in fact have thoughts and feelings of her own.


I seem to recall there’s some quantity of muck rising up around him these days. Though after Googling, I could be thinking of someone else. It’s so difficult to keep track these days.

There’s a sex “sex” scene in Twin Dragons that would probably bankrupt a few dozen people if anyone even thought about releasing it today, but 1992 was a hella different time.


Is that a “weak in the knees” shudder? I mean, for 54 hes in great shape.


Roger Moore did a James Bond movie at age 57 and he was never in as good of shape as Chan (granted, the massive age difference between him and his sex partners made it pretty creepy.)


It’s very well choreographed, with lots of tumbling, improvised props, and inventive use of ladders.


More like unintentionally seeing grandfather stepping out of shower shudder.

Yeah, like their agent said, " time to get nude while some people can handle seeing your, ehrmm, handles."

His personal life aside, he has always been an entertaining gymnast.

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(to be fair, Jackie probably doesn’t want to watch me having sex either, or if he does, he’s been very discreet about it so far).

Thank you for making me laugh out loud.


For Your Eyes Only being the creepiest, where there was a 31 year age difference between Moore and co-star Lynn-Holly Johnson whose character was trying to jump into bed with him.

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And by “sacked”, they mean “tied in a sack and dropped in the river”.

Yet the tabloid press were only concerned about outing a trans woman who was in the film.


I’d be pretty darned thrilled if I were in as good shape as Jackie Chan is now at 64… when I was 24. The man has always been crazy fit and still is.

You don’t even need the “for 54” qualifier.