Iran sucks at censoring apps, so the Persian diaspora is using them for unfiltered political discussion


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“They’ve just launched Sandoogh96 (Vote 2017)” – is there some kind of Persian calendar going on here or are they just trying to relive the glory days of the Clinton/Dole election?


[quote]It strips away the government spin[/quote]And you can be sure it’s not being subjected to someone else’s spin. “Independent political news” is immune to such things; it’s right there in the name. Right?


The Persian calendar is indeed a thing, and has been for the better part of 4000 years now (earliest evidence is around 2000 BCE, before even Zoroaster.) You didn’t know that it’s currently 1396*?

As of the vernal equinox, which is when their calendar ticks over.


I’d imagine if I was an average Iranian I’d be stoked to get any news beyond the government filter, but hey…

I’d also argue it’s likely the average Iranian’s bias b/s detector is stronger than say, the average American, considering that’s all they’ve been fed going on seventy years.


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