Iranian filmmaker punks NSA again


Concern trolls for the poor NSA operators in 3 … 2 … 1


They were completely dismissive, bordering on rude. Maybe they realized it was a goof, but what are they so busy with otherwise? I wouldn’t think that the operators are also doing the spying. It seems like they have utter contempt for the public they are supposed to be protecting.

Did I here an “Axing” in there?

It is too bad that the NSA can’t embrace their new found visibility to find a way to engineer obtaining what they need in a new, transparent and interesting and socially acceptable way that doesn’t make me feel victimized every time I use a communications network.

If they have all of this info on me … make it available to me. Make it useful to me. Make it profitable for me to give it to you past “national security”. Then maybe I can begin to try to be cool with them having it, too.

Don’t they have Facebook in your area?

Facebook is profitable to someone else.

I’m surprised he didn’t ask for the guarantee in writing.

Iranian filmmaker bores NSA again


I hear they’re nicer to you on the Enterprise bridge…

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