Ireland (finally) jails three bankers for role in 2008 crisis

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populist joy

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Meh. Sometimes the shit they pulled was so outrageously, farcically, and clumsily illegal that no real alternative was open. I mean, we have recordings of the shits in the financial sector laughing at us, laughing at the lies they told to everyone, laughing at how the regulators, laughing about how they came up with a number (‘I picked it out of my arse’. for the record)
But that doesn’t attract a criminal sentence (Bowe was done AFAIK not for lying on this but rather this particular fraud). This particular balance sheet fraud is so utterly crass and crude that there is no world of lawyers that can make it look anything else.

Sure there is a whole parade of liars, crooks, and thugs I’d like to see doing bird. Probably ahead of these guys (Hi Dinny! Hi Seanie!) but convicting them of anything would be a whole lot harder.

Billionaires don’t do bird.


A chief executive? As in CEO? Did he run out of underlings to sacrifice?


I’m aware of all of that, but let me revel in this just a little bit. Come on.

Oh, popular joy you mean!

Well at least popular grim satisfaction, small satisfaction knowing we will never get the ringleaders.

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we will never get the ringleaders

Nor see the ring dismantled, or even examined in any serious way


True. But let’s look at the bright side. The Irish moved what’s permissible in the public discourse slightly towards punishing wrong doing. It’s an improvement on punishing shareholders everytime some manager commits fraud or theft.


Was trying to be funny but ended up not being very clear, sorry! But yes I do loathe bankers very much.

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