Iceland Jails Corrupt Bankers

So here’s an article about Iceland sentencing banks to prison for their actions in connection with the financial collapse:

Of the 26 bankers put in prison, 15 are still in there (based on the sentence lengths given in the article). Iceland has a population of 323,000 people and an incarceration rate of 45 per 100,000. That means they have 145 people in prison. So more than one in ten is a corrupt banker.

The rest of the world should probably be ashamed of itself right now.


Yep. Iceland is ahead of the curve here, treating people who break the law like criminals. Bjork is looking at the rest of us like we’re morons to let this assholes get away with what they have done…


I read that headline as: “Iceland Jails [are] corrupt[ing] bankers”

And thought, “surely it’s the other way around!”


Baby Björk weeps for your transgressions.


Yep, I just came here to say the same. Too many words can be nouns, verbs and/or adjectives. It’s time something was done about it!


And that, boys and girls, is the difference between American English and…Icelandic English.


I can never tell if she’s caught in an infinite loop, or just a sound sample.

What’s kind of incredible is that their 45 in 100,000 incarceration rate says that they don’t “treat people who break the law like criminal” in the way that America does most of the time. Most of these sentences were for only a few years, and I imagine that’s pretty typical of criminal sentencing there (again, based on the rate, it would have to be). It would be more accurate to say that Iceland is treating people who break the law the way that a reasonable society treats criminals, to avoid confusion.


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