Irish government retroactively legalizes GCHQ surveillance revealed in Snowden docs


So what happens if you’re tried in secret court, and refuse to obey its findings? Maybe they’ll declare that your assets are siezed, but you can keep using them as long as you like, so that nobody notices the secret.


No, you go to secret prison, where you have to pretend you’re free. Like, an office job at a really horrible company, or something.

“Foreign law enforcement agencies”? I wonder if they had the sense to be specific in this bit of ass-covering or if they just gave up the right to complain when Russian or Chinese “law enforcement agencies” tap their lines…

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Ireland LLC Limited; a holding company of US wealth.

Nothing in this article or the Original article in the Times makes any mention of Retroactive legalization, Clickbait of the highest order

So, you can never find out about the proceedings of prior suits, and you can’t know that you’re being watched in the first place, and if you know you’re being watched then you can’t say anything, but the phone companies can be sued if they don’t hand over your information. Oh, that’s England. I’m sure that will never happen over here in 'merica.

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