Irish government updates its Freedom of Information law with exciting new "Computers don't exist" provision


That’s actually better than what was initially proposed, which was to release records according to how easy it would be if they were stored at the end of a rainbow, guarded by leprechauns.


The law isn’t worded well, but this interpretation is coming from the wrong direction. The FOI will provide data that is held in a file system and can be retrieved. This is to exclude requests which would require considerable work, such as compiling records into a new dataset. i.e. requester is free to request the separate data


Will the same standard be applied to police searching your phone, ie needing a warrant to view any data as if the documents were in a locked filing cabinet? I could live with that.


…in a sub-basement, in a locked filing cabinet, with a sign reading, “beware of jaguar.”


I am continuously refreshed in shame for ‘my’ country and the dynastic, clueless gobshites charged with its governance.
This is the thin tip of a very deep iceburg of Irish political incompetence which can be excused only by stating that at least our government isnt -trying- to be evil, its just their clueless randocracy occasionally -appears- to be evil.

What you’re describing? That’s actual evil. When it’s an entire country you’re supposed to be running, there’s no shortage of folks whose job it is to advise you, nor of those whose job it is to go into great detail about how you’ve fucked up in the past. Ignoring that isn’t just the height of hubris, it’s bloody criminal.

So, incompetence or malevolence, it comes to the same thing. Such scum make terrorists, mass-murderers and child molesters look like no big deal, but folks just seem resigned to put up with the fact that it takes a totally different person to get elected than it does to fill the position adequately…

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