Irish women call for a nationwide strike if they don't get a referendum on the country's brutal abortion ban

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I heard Texas is studying these laws now,.

Ireland is supposed to be a “Christian” company? How is it Christian to make a innocent child suffer like that?

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Ireland technically doesn’t have an official religion. Has freedom of religion ETC. Though the Constitution originally called out the Catholic Church as having a “Special Position”. That bit, among others was removed in the 70’s. But there isn’t currently a fully secular constitution, and there isn’t traditionally a full and complete separation of Church and State. So you’ve still got plenty of laws predicated on explicitly religious terms. And the Abortion ban is a consitutional amendment passed in 83.

So Ireland is not supposed to be an explicitly Christian country. But it is in practice a Catholic country. And the Vatican still says abortion is worse than any of the bad shit that happens when you ban it. Like wise since these bans are a confluence of religiously predicated laws and that constitutional Amendment. Fixing the situation isn’t as simple as repealing the more draconian laws (the abortion ban will still be in the constitution). Nor is it is just a factor of repealing that amendment (those religiously predicated laws may still be in effect).

Add to that that this particular debate, and a few others, tend to run straight into attempts to fully separate religion from the Government and Secularize the Constitution. And well I don’t think Texas is getting much out of these laws. Almost none of it would fly in the US. Though passing baldly unconstitutional laws is sort of the anti-choice politicians bread and butter. The Irish laws are too predicated on things that just don’t exist in the US. Besides I’m reasonably sure the state of things in Ireland is heavily influenced by American Conservatives hopes and dreams.

And I don’t think it will last long. The popular protests, and formal push to reform these things is sticking around and growing. Rather than devolving or distracting into the church/state secularization debate that never seems to go anywhere. I think they’ll have success before too long.


I hope so. While I like the Pope of the Catholics, the attitudes they have toward certain things are stupid.

For ‘death and suffering to millions’ values of stupid, yes.


The 8th amendment is a brutal and blunt instrument and also an experiment by international organised conservatives. Irish governments are frightened of the forces which will be unleashed if a referendum is allowed. There will be an influx of money, particularly from conservative America, creating a shitstorm of disinformation, lies, and spin. We have seen it recently in various circumstances. But this one will be epic.

I’m going to forego giving personal testimony about the barbarity of the law in Ireland due to using my real identity here. Suffice it to say that many could.


Incidentally, abortion is clearly endorsed in the bible, although not with the consent of the woman:

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