Iron Fist


Has he done a “the twist is that there is no twist” movie yet?


It’s been a trope for stupid cults since at least Theosophy: Tibetan ass-ended ascended masters, who were probably originally from Atlantis or such-like.


Not that I know of.


Well you see Atlantis sunk and it pushed up the Himalayas bringing the mystics with them.


My only hope is that they actually play off the trope. Like, have other master monks or whatever be really pissed off at the one guy for taking in the white boy and teaching him all their secret stuff.

Hell- If you really wanted to open up a can of worms, have him get his power because he accidentally stole it from the rightful heir, and then couldn’t give it back. Then you can turn the entire thing into a conversation about white privilege and cultural appropriation.


Yeah I had to go look at the history… Gah so wrong… never mind. I thought for awhile Time/Warner owned both of them but nope.


Maybe he left and came back because everyone at the monastery was as good, if not better, than he was?

“Four years and you still can’t snatch the pebble! Give it up vanilla bean!”


Waiting for the next trailer drop. Now it’s all GotG, especially in the trailers before Logan. Logan was a thrill… and that kid’s goddamned terrifying. No spoilers, but… every parent’s nightmare. In the best way. Because the parents are dicks.



For what it’s worth I’m like 90% sure I never harassed actor Finn Jones on Twitter.


Reminder just popped up on Netlifx for me. Looks like it’s gonna be big dumb fun. I’m OK with that.

I’ll be keeping an ear on the soundtrack. In case of sudden Motorhead.


Alright, I’m about halfway through the series. It’s. . . it’s not terrible, mostly? The fight scenes are pretty fun.

At the point where he buys the building where the object of his affection lives/works, I cringed hard. That felt like such an red flag / NOPE moment, and it was presented as if it was supposed to be cute.

and as far as motivations. . . [spoiler]I have no damn idea what’s going on. Apparently Rand came back to New York of his own free will, but he loses control and beats the living hell out of the first person to point this out. This isn’t some unresolved airplane-related PTSD - this is just Rand being a complete dingus.

And I still don’t really know what the Hand is all about, aside from being mystical dope dealers apparently. Is their motivation “to make a lot of money”? because that’s kind of relatable, but I don’t know that it requires bands of deathless ninja fanatics


Yeah, I cringed too. But that might have been the point they were going for.

Like, if you’re a kid that has no idea, suddenly comes into a lot of money and wants to help/impress. It would be presented as cute moment for him, but would make us watching nope-bad-WRONG, hammering home his lack of clue, total naivety and accidental creepiness.


The more I read, the less inclined I am to watch.


It’s really not terrible. It’s fun, some solid fight scenes and it’s decent enough. Sure, it’s no Jessica Jones, but they’re doing a fine job at a fairly by-the-numbers superhero series.


I tried, but it’s in the category of shows I put on when I want to have something on the TV while I do something else. The main character annoys the snot out of me, but I do like fight scenes.


You know, there are only so many ‘origin’ templates to hang your hero movie plotline from, but they’ve so far completely missed the boat when it came to the just-birthed-baby-hermaphrodite-who-immediately-swells-to-ten-times-his-normal-size-then-bounds-out-of-the-delivery-room-and-runs-down-the-block-to-kick-the-asses-of-a-couple-of-drug-dealers-at-the-corner. So obvious.


I concur;

It’s not bad, per se: but it’s nothing to write home about, either.

I’m also only halfway through the season (which is telling in and of itself, considering how fast I binge-watched DD,JJ & LC previously) but already, I can say that this installment is easily the weakest of all Netflix’s Marvel series so far.

Long story short:

Poor storytelling is POOR. The pace is atrocious, and there seem to be more plot-holes than actual plot. And don’t even get me started on how annoying the lead character is; I feel no empathy with him, at all.

And I’m right there with you: I’ve also been wondering " WTF is the point of the Hand?!? " ever since they first popped up in Daredevil. None of the exposition regarding them thus far has made a lick of sense.

So far I only like Colleen Wing and Ward Meachum; and I think the latter is just because Tom Pelphrey unexpectedly stole my heart as a reformed Neo-Nazi turned cop in Banshee.


On the plus side, they’ve totally nailed “whiny trustifarian hipster”.

ETA: And now I realize why I don’t feel for the main character. He’s a Gap-Year Uni Student.


So key question: will my life be enriched if I choose to spend several hours of it watching this show instead of reading a book or something?