Marvel’s Defenders series gets a teaser trailer and a premiere date


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Danny makes naive comment

Matt looks pensive

Jessica and Luke sigh and shake their heads


Given how much I loved Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage (and tolerated Iron Fist)

I think that’s the most positive review I’ve read for the latter series yet.


Managed the first half hour then decided I can’t go any further.


Has anyone found the expurgated version of IronFist?

Surely some enterprising person has edited it down to an hour or two?


I’m not sure there’s anything there /worth/ editing down. The fights certainly aren’t worth watching and the plot is laughable.


They just need to get the fuck away from the ninjas, and any other antagonist that is not some form of social commentary or is at least fucking interesting.

Large swathes of Iron fist and the scenes of daredevil season 2 involving ninjas belonged on the cutting room floor.


I pushed through, hoping for at least glimmers of greatness. Found a few neat scenes and one interesting building. I don’t recall the rest of the story.


"Managed the first half hour!" raves @dave_b
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"…Glimmers of greatness!" lauds @Blaze_Curry
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I am the only person who has never even heard of Iron Fist?


Summary: a long time ago, in a slightly dumber comic book age, somebody very stupid had the idea that including asian type people into their comicbook fandom required the creation of an asian type character that did chi-magic powered kung fu and sidekicked for the all-american Luke Cage.


Of course there’s not a readily clip available of Trevor Noah burning the shit out of Iron Fist by comparing it with 45’s ‘fantasy wall’ requirements; you can’t get through it.


Yup. That’s about what I figured.


So I guess coming in here and saying I’m halfway through season 1 of Jessica Jones and it’s really great is kind of redundant?

Yeah I thought so.

Oh well, I have to check out Iron Fist now. It’s the most acclaimed series in this thread!


Meh, better than Birdemic.




I watched the whole thing.

You people are the kind of people who only go to ball games when the team is winning.


Thank you for your service.


Actually, i’d be willing to bet that most of us show up before it starts…