Jessica Jones season two gets a kickass trailer


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It’s looking good. Jessica Jones was solid and is either at the top or right behind Daredevil with the Marvel Netflix shows.


Daredevil S1, Jessica Jones S1, Luke Cage S1 were all very good. Daredevil S2 was good. The Defenders was OK. Iron Fist was not good. Haven’t seen the Punisher yet.


While it’s neat that there’s so many stories crossing over into each other (Defenders, Daredevil, JJ, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher) it bugs me slightly that in Comic book logic, there’s no middle ground between NYC and forests. Like, no major cities exist other than NYC, and anywhere outside NYC is basically wilderness.


Well both Marvel and DC are based in NYC, hence why so many heroes hang out there.


Agents of SHIELD is mostly based in LA but goes world traveling all the time.


True. Exception, though. Not the rule.


DC heroes usually hang out in fictional cities thay bear more than a passing resemblance to NYC.


I was just trying to compare the MCU universe properties and not the 616 where your theory holds true. (but even then, SHIELD really is still the main outlier)


True, but like you said with the resemblance, NYC was clearly highly influential.

NYC has the hustle and bustle, it has culturally distinct areas, it has a huge population, it has (er had) a lot of crime. With these struggles and strife there is a ton of conflict to chronicle. And being one of the oldest large cities in the US, it has a lot of history to use.

You put a Superhero in Wichita, KS and you will find them hanging themselves off a bridge out of boredom.


Only when he visits Ma Kent for the holidays.


This gives me hope for S2. It would seem that the story will stick to the personal, which is the strength of S1.
When Dexter used up the personal story, it was no longer good.


If you haven’t seen Jessica Jones S1 and Defenders, spoilers ahead:

Right now, Luke Cage seems to be hooking up with Night Nurse, Paramedic to the Heroes. In canon, eventually Luke and Jessica become an item and have a daughter. I rather wish they could work that into the storyline.


This is coming from someone who never liked Punisher in the comic books, and was conflicted with his story in Daredevil- Punisher is by far the best writing and acting of the series. And I liked all of them…


In the first season, Luke was with Jessica, long before he met Claire. (Until Killgrave tried to have him kill her, and she shot Cage in the head in self defense… which is how the Night Nurse came into ‘the triangle.’)

I don’t know if the series will follow the comic story arc though.


One of the fun things about Luke Cage is that he unapologetically gets it on with all the female leads (Jessica, Misty, Claire & Reva).


Reva was his wife, and serves more as part of his (and Jessica’s) backstory than a viable 3D character; I’m not sure she really counts.

Personally, I’m not sure how I feel about it, especially given how Black folks have historically been stereotyped as being hypersexual and promiscuous.



Not a huge DC fan, but I always thought that Metropolis was NYC and Gotham was Chicago… is that correct?


Well Metropolis is in NY, so I suppose NYC.

Gotham is supposed to be in NJ… so… like NYC if it lived in a shit hole?


Newark? Jersey City? It’s like, right across from each other, yeah?