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I remember seeing this ATM at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. It had several other, similar messages, such as “SUBMIT - CONFORM - OBEY / MARRY AND REPRODUCE / NEVER QUESTION” and “FEAR THE UNKNOWN / MONSTERS ARE REAL”



Right, it’s a Jamie Zawinski thing (jwz) at his club. :smile:

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So is the meta-joke that the ATM owner is such a clueless rebel-without-a-cause that he doesn’t grasp the irony of a ATM owner railing against capitalism, or…?

More and more I feel that it’s a waste of valuable brain cells to try to decipher irony more than one level deep. I’d say something about “fuckin’ hipsters” if I believed in hipsters.


This comment is even funnier when you realise who actually owns the ATM.


Deciphering irony? Don’t think too hard about it, whoever was setting it up just had a bit of a sense of humor when they were setting the custom messages. Not like irony or humor are new ‘hipster’ things.


Heh, yep… I finally got to visit the legendary lounge at long last, when we held BSides-SF there this last february. I have never felt so happy letting a little ATM gobble up my debit cart as I did there. Yes, it’s silly, The place is a bleeding rivethead club, full of people that helped build the very tools that are used to control us. AKA: my kinda of folks. Shit, if we can’t laugh at ourselves…


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