Anarchy in the UK Mastercards

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Wow… that’s. Something. I wonder if the guys get a cut or if it all just goes back to Virgin (since they were the SP last label before the American tour break up).


Considering they were pretty much a manufactured band from the start, this will not get cries of punk has sold out from me.


Just what I was going to say- Manufactured product slaps its logo onto manufactured product. Nothing to see here.

In fact, given their blatant embrace of selling out for fun and profit, perhaps the only notable thing is that it took them so long.


Well at least it’s not as bad as my Abbie Hoffman-themed American Express. Took me the longest time to figure out why I kept losing it…


Until someone comes out with a Lost in the Supermarket credit card, I can no longer shop happily.


Bill Grundy asked the Pistols, just prior to the air turning blue, if their focus on money went against an anti-materialist stance (which they never claimed to have). Johnny Rotten replied: “No, the more, the merrier.”

So when Fugazi endorses payday loans, let me know and I’ll join the chorus of howls. In the meantime, there’s nothing to see here.


Fingers crossed for a John Lennon “Imagine”-Edition


Best tweet on that so far -

Donal Evans ‏@DonalEvans 21h21 hours ago
@JohnOC1991 @DaveDexterMusic @VirginMoney Coming soon: Jesus-themed pocket currency converter. Change money anywhere, even in the temple!


That ‘someone’ was talking bollocks.
Never mind.
Whilst they may have been assembled by Malcolm Mclaren, they were not public-school kids. They were thoroughly working class.


I have got to start putting my ideas on paper. I had come up with several credit card ideas along the same lines:

  1. “Render unto Caesar with the Jesus Christ credit card.”
  2. “Put your money where your Mao is.” (Mao Zedong theme; I got the idea from the “Mao more than ever” shirts that some RCP members wore to a rally)
  3. A Che Guevara card. Can’t remember if I had a tagline for this (“Che in pocket”?), but the ad copy would’ve been something along the lines of “You already wear your Che shirt when you’re chillin’ at the mall, now charge it to Che.” Fine print would’ve been “You might think you’re a badass with your Che shirt but the plain truth is that Che was more hardcore than you will ever be. In a contest with his comrades to determine who was the filthiest, Che placed his underpants on the road, where they stood up by themselves.”
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I have no idea if the band is corrupted from the start, but actually we don’t need that hypothesis to understand that strange event. The BBC documentary “the century of the self” goes through the various political shifts, and from 50’s to the 80’s it went from a paternalistic, utilitarian mass-production society to egocentrism, consumerism and planned obsolescence. A non-equalitarian revolution happened in the the name of freedom. People that generally voted to left-wing parties voted for Thatcher and Reagan. So it’s possible that the sex pistols are just part of that political shift.

But I can’t explain that better than the documentary, I recommend it, plus the topic is a bit complicated for me as english is not my first language


Yeah, but then John went and did PIL, so all is forgiven, I say!

Plus 1 for mentioning that documentary…


Wasn’t Matlock a public school kid? John, Cook, Jones, and Sid were working class (and John was of Irish extraction to boot). He was the one with actually musical chops anyhow.

Not a Fidel Cashtro card?


Hi pixleshifter.
I’ve corrected deleted my post, and thanks for the info. It just shows you can’t trust even someone who ought to know.
…I hope I haven’t accidentally added to the noise level of the www.


It burns usss, Precious.

The Pistols quite carefully and clearly never stood for anything. The Clash were the phonies in that scene. Ho the fuck hum. I applaud the whole surviving crew getting anything out of this. They have given me untold hours of joy and affirmation. And, by the way, Matlock is a dud to this day and Lydon and Jones still represent nothing with panache.