Irotoridori is soduku using colored chicks instead of numbers

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In a game that relies on intuitively blocking the chicks into groups in the grid, that off-grid hinge would drive me insane.

If they had put it on the grid line, one row below, it would have worked better I feel.


Best to use the more acceptable, “brightly-multi-colored, baby-bird-shaped game pieces,” lest we offend someone too consumed with righting social injustice to look slightly downward at the pic.

Well I’m fairly consumed, and I haven’t the faintest clue what you’re talking about. I trust it’s offensive?

Also, I’m pretty sure the name means “color-bird-bird.” ^.^

I am looking at the pieces and I don’t see a clear way of marking the pieces as “original problem definition” as opposed to additional pieces placed wile solving this puzzle (perhaps placing them upside down to show original problem might help.)

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