Exploding Kittens is a "kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette"

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Also, diffuse does not mean defuse.


Debating to get the normal one for my kid or not…

The normal deck has sillyness and fun. If they appreciate regular humor then it’ll be good

The NSFW deck has very questionable taste.

So it’s perfect for little boys?

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The humor is more appropriate for 16/17 (drinking/genitals/etc.)

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If you want them to grow up and join a frat?

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We have both decks. We had fun playing this with my daughter on our recent vacation. I feel like we haven’t quite perfected strategy on this game. Mostly the fun part of it was reading the cards. I think it’d be more fun with a bigger group.

The NSFW deck would be just fine with my teen, and really even with a 10 year old. It just seemed to have more cats.

The few games I’ve played it felt very reliant on your card draw. Almost always a defused bomb gets placed back on top of the deck, which sets off everyone else trying to avoid it.

We have both decks and have enjoyed several games so far with friends. Honestly, once the game starts I don’t think any of us paid much attention to the details of a particular card. Don’t get me wrong, they are cute and get a good chuckle when not playing the game. That’s not to say the images and flavor text do not add something to the overall feel of the game. Overall, fun game, easy to learn for all ages but with time I could see advanced skills being attained.

I await the Cats against Humanity mashup.

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Grumpy old man is grumpy.

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First viola, now diffuse - you guys are just trying to fuck with us, aren’t you?

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