You've Got Crabs: a party-game from the creators of Exploding Kittens

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Breaks the ice at naughty parties…

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I have to say that the kitten vending machine that the Exploding Kittens guys have been using to sell items at PAX and GenCon is truly brilliant.


Honk if you still use Lycos, Webcrawler or Altavista.


Ugh. I am soooo tapped right now. But this looks fun. I have exploding kittens and the expansion, imploding kittens.

Isn’t this just a branded copy of the game Kent?

Fun game though, we used to play all the time in sleepaway camp.


I like how the kid is bewildered by the old phone.


A lot of kickstarted games seem kind of try-hardy and rely on their monojoke to provide the fun, but this sounds like a game that could actually be fun to play in mixed company (i.e. involving children or the majority of adults who get bad-tempered over any game that requires more than ten seconds of explaining the rules to them).

I was just trying to think of why this wouldn’t work with the deck of cards I have. You’ve answere my question brilliantly!

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Their FAQ covers this…

Oh, that’s not your question. This is the question you want.

You’ve Got Crabs is based on a game you can play with a standard poker deck. It’s got a variety of names and rules but is most commonly called “Kemps.” We rebuilt Kemps from the ground up and fixed the mechanics that were broken, including adding structured teams and rebalancing the card distribution. We also gave it crabs.

You could play it with a standard deck of cards. But you would be missing crabs.


Used to play this game in primary school. With a regular deck. You just needed to get four of the same value. We called it “games” which sounded cool to Norwegian 11 year olds but is probably not the actual name of the game. I was pretty good at it in fact.

all I need now is some friends


This may not be a trivial point. I play a fair amount of games but my experience may be skewed by the fact that I currently mostly play with one seven year old and one ten year old. We find that pretty cards and a cute concept actually help the enjoyment of the game.

In this I do find the “dramatic irony” of you’ve got crabs a bit icky if I was planning to play it with my daughters so I think I’ll pass.
They do enjoy exploding kittens though (and Jaipur, Sushi Go!, Love Letter and lots of other microgames)

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Thanks you pointed out something I knew but didn’t know how to say.

A good theme will help sell the idea of playing a game. I’ve a big book of card games, I can’t get anyone in my family to play them. Sure they will play the card games they grew up with. But are resistance to trying a new card game.

However, then I pull out Poison they are willing to try it out.

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In the near future, vending machines will offer those.

Poison good? It’s not in my local shop and boardgamegeek is pretty thin on it?

We really enjoy Love Letter, but I don’t think I even bothered to explain the “story” such as it is to my daughters. It’s a bit silly. I wonder is that the reason so many branded variants exist? I read a review of Lovecraft Letters in that magazine recommended here the other day which adds more players and a new madness mechanic.

That’s not what I thought I was linking to… Here is a review, guess it’s called Reiner Knizia’s Poison?.. Odd I knew it was in BBG… It’s been renamed Friday the 13th. Anyhow, it’s avoid any tricks card game, much like hearts. it’s in the Reversis family of card games.

My point was that Poison is just a evade the trick type of card game. Which without the theme no one would touch but the dedicated card game players. But soon as a theme is slapped on it… Even when it’s a theme no one cares for, I’ve had extended family that really enjoyed this game. Granted the theme does lend to the idea you don’t want to take any poison. and if you do have to take a trick aka potions take all of just one suite.

Lovecraft Letter plays 6! Guess I need to make a trip to the game store.

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