Kickstarting Slap .45, a game from the creator of Cards Against Humanity



I love these guys, but this really sounds a whole lot like the Italian card game, Bang! Which is great on its own.

We played so many hours of Egyptian Ratscrew in middle school it should have been an elective.

35$ is really quite up there. The top rated party game on, Avalon, runs 17$ at Amazon. It’s another werewolf/mafia variant. Cards against humanity is 25$.

They have succeeded in getting people to buy something that hasn’t been released or impartially reviewed at a higher price than market value.


@thfuthey I found Bang rather boring; seems this variant may use the slap mechanic more to make it more engaging and competitive.

I’m kind of surprised that the allegation of sexual assault against Max Temkin just seem to have been forgotten about. He’s once again a beloved figure of the gamingsphere.


Not quite.


I sympathize with the folks from BB who initially embarked with him on this project

(Disclosure: Max Temkin and Boing Boing are collaborating on a future project)

Max is surely a creative fellow, but the available information has clearly broken the trust of many.

Points to XOXOfest, then. It’s not even that Boing Boing are collaborating with him; it’s that the whole thing seems a non-talking point for the most point now. I don’t think he should be a pariah; the allegations are just that, he was never convicted, etc. etc. All understood.

But it’s saddening just how quickly it all blew over. Because we all love Max Temkin, right? So he could never be that guy.

We all say this stuff, and we’re so quick to criticise others about it. But here, all the lessons vanished.

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know dem feels.

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