Sexual Assault Allegations vs Max Temkin (CAH)

As you can see from the topic, this post is about alleged sexual assault / rape and link to more detailed descriptions of same.

First up, I’m a big fan of Cards Against Humanity (CAH) (which I found via bb!). I bought a set for family, for myself, and have introduced the game to a number of friends. I don’t just like the game, I also like their business model, use of Creative Commons licensing, CAH’s and Max’s attempts to speak out against enablers of rape and abuse, and humility to admit when they mess up. It has inspired me to try to create my own game (though for reasons not a card game).

So, hearing the rumor that Max raped a woman in college was pretty shocking. I didn’t want to believe it, because of my aforementioned fandom.

The public version of the story begins with Max’s blog post:

This is the public post of Magz, the woman who says she was violated:

Magz seems to have at least two longtime friends/acquaintances from college (long before CAH) who are corroborating her story.

The issue with this apology and Cards Against Humanity is that I know Max. We attended the same small liberal arts college, we have many mutual acquaintances, and Max Tempkin is a rapist.

Here’s a widely-cited third-party’s view on the events thus far.

I don’t want to rush to judgment (I seldom do), but the balance of information available does not paint a good picture of Max. He calls it gossip, which is an inaccurate (and belittling) way to describe a serious accusation levied at oneself.

I would welcome additional substantive links people find if the story further develops.

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Just found this, adding for interest, but it’s really just another editorial…


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