iRuler is a website that turns your screen into an inaccurate ruler

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That’ll do!

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Looks like it’s about 20% short, since the 5s line up but the screen ruler’s 0 is at the real ruler’s 1.

My guess is that it works on common displays (i.e. mobiles and macbooks) but anything at all unusual, no chance.

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1/16th of an inch too long for me.


It may be accurate. Is your monitor traveling over 10% of the speed of light?


incredibly simple to calibrate using a common object of known size - dollar bill would do it

or, build a page to take a wild-ass guess from dubious info - internet of doofuses


That’s what she very precisely verbally expressed.


8 inches on my macbook screen measured at 7 real-life inches. So, not really.

Edited to add:
And that’s before i corrected it’s misconception about my screen size. It detected 17.7" at the correct resolution. When i corrected it to 15.4", four screen inches measure at six and a third real-life inches.

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What you did, see it there I do :wink:


Meh. All it needs is appropriate warning notes, such as:

CONSUMER NOTICE: Because of the "Uncertainty Principle,’’ It Is Impossible for the Consumer to Find Out at the Same Time Both Precisely Where This Product Is and How Fast It Is Moving.

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In theory EDID (or ‘DisplayID’ if anyone has ever actually shipped that); should include the physical size of the display, in addition to resolution and the assorted other stuff necessary to drive it properly.

In practice? Let’s just say that the excellent of ‘smart TV’ firmware has a rich and noble ancestry in vendors not even being able to get a static description of their device’s capabilities right, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

For some reason the site detected my 28" as 45.9", which didn’t do the results any good. Got the resolution right however.

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I was expecting Kim Jon-Un’s website.

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As did the maternal progenitor of said OP.

Detected me at 16.3", which was off by about .5 inch over 12 inches. I selected my actual screen size, 15.6", and the ruler size was almost perfectly accurate.

Matched my tape-measure exactly. So either my tape-measure is also wrong or the site did its job.

About 10% short on my old Gateway screen.

~40% off.

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