Is $17 toothpaste worth the price?


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Didn’t even look. No.



How unique was that again?


Reads like an ad… i don’t see any sarcasm… hmmm

What the hell is this post about again? Are you guys actually shilling $17 toothpaste?


You can brush your teeth with the stuff after downing your last drops of

or certainly after


a toothpaste infused with sea buckthorn, cardamom, and wasabi

No, you’ll have to pay be more than $17 to get me to use that even once. Oh wait, they want me to pay them! Hold on…




How is this a wonderful thing? Or even partly wonderful.

Also, if one buys a product named after a writer of tall tales, well, you get what you pay for.

Fun fact - read the packages of your tooth pastes. There are like 2 kinds of tooth pastes out there, and 2 more if you want something to help with sensitivity. That’s it. It’s all the same stuff! Just pick a flavor you like and don’t stress out about it. (Note: I am sure there might be a few more, but look at the active ingredients. That whole aisle of tooth paste is basically the same stuff with different flavors and colors.)

Also, unless you have some sort of medical thing where you can’t use it (if that is even a real thing) if your toothpaste doesn’t have fluoride in it, you are doing it wrong.


At the end of the day, all toothpaste is a super fine sudsy abrasive with flavoring and sometimes hydrogen peroxide mixed with urea (yup).


What was that rule again, about headlines with a question mark?


Does it come in sour grape flavor?


Mmmmm… pee


Looks like the quote box was forgotten.


Betteridge’s Paradox: An article with the headline “Is This an Example of Betteridge’s Law?”


In a word?


I think a tub of lard would be cheaper – but make sure that you get the healthy stuff.


Did your account get hacked?


I think Aesop is a great name for this product, because it is a cautionary tale about what happens when you spend a lot of money on a toothpaste without fluoride.


Late Stage Capitalism in search of Premium Mediocrity.


Looking at that picture it seems that:

a) the toothpaste is packaged in an old timey metal tube, because it seems more “authentic” and “artisinal”; and

b) the people who made the decision to use that packaging don’t know that with that kind of tube you need to squeeze from the back end, not the middle