Is binge watching bad for you?


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TL;DW I’ll go with Betteridge’s Law here.


Beat me by two hours. Curse you, gainful employment!


Probably not so healthy for me, can’t speak for others. After a session of binge-watching, I feel a little sick, and a little guilty, like I just ate three large bags of Doritos.



I’m hoping the video’s conclusion that the more you move, the longer you live will pan out for our anti-exercise cable-addicted President.


Fuckin’ A.

Add him to the “Why Are You Still Alive ?” list.


Is it telling that this information is only available on a video?


Yes it is


That’s because:


I assume that the negative effects of putting all your attention into a show for a long period can be mitigated by playing videogames on another monitor at the same time.


Binge watching is definitely bad the way I do it - usually I need to wait for the kids to be in bed before I’m able to watch TV, otherwise something is going to come up that needs immediate attention. So I don’t start watching until near 10pm, which means that “just one more episode” can easily take me to 3 in the morning


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