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Wait, what . . . hours per day?
Tell me I read this wrong.


I’m a little dubious on the idea that live theater is so much better for you than a movie. For me they’re about the same unless you’re in one of those rare shows where they do a lot of audience participation.

“Broadcast TV fine” also seems like a rather dubious statement.



Well, they’re an ad agency, so grains of salt and all that…


Which tier does Boing Boing belong?


Seconded. Sounds like snobbery to me.

I guess maybe they are assuming your movie intake is the Fast and the Furious and your live theater intake… isn’t? There’s probably some validity to the idea that theater averages out to be more cerebral.


Seems to me like a ‘salad’ of middle-tier ingredients.


If you averaged all films available against all theatre available then I think you could agree with the proposition.
In general most movies are crap and almost any theatre is way better.
But still Id take a movie almost any night of the week.


I don’t see alcohol consumption on here.


This is a great Scientific American article looking into how we consume bias or Fake News.


All I have to say is you’ll take my Goop when you coffee cleanse it from my cold dead ass.


So does this mean BoingBoing will completely stop reposting ‘articles’ from the Daily Mail?


You must be going to the wrong theatre.


Sooo if I choose to watch Stephen Colbert on you tube how does it count? Is it social media, broadcast tv or chosen content?

I think I am doing this Media thing wrong.

Do I have to watch 30 min of Pornhub? I mean it would be preferable to CNN.


30 minutes? What are you doing, following the plot? Though it was a HowTo video and are waiting for him to actually fix the damn sink?


But don’t you get it? Obsolete technology is better. That’s why theatre is better than movies which is better than TV which is better than video games. Each technology gets to blame the next for all problems in society.


YMMV, obviously. The last conversation I had on Facebook was certainly of higher quality than the last live sketch comedy show I saw at Second City.


I choose the read the NY Times, a good book, and live my life.


My rules:

  1. If it is loaded with advertisements it’s likely part of the problem. Tread carefully.

2 Refuse to click on anything with the following bait:

  • slams
  • eviscerates
  • destroys
  • shows off
  • everything wrong with
  • you won’t believe
  • beautiful
  • absolutely beautiful
  1. Read information from another era to remind yourself it’s the same old shit different day, and that no news or information should be messing with your daily affairs as much as people allow it to these days.