Is Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret the worst restaurant in France?


Cette page est introuvable.


All bad reviews on Tripadvisor have been deleted now…

That title…

Well played guys, well played :slight_smile:

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I hear Barbra Streisand likes the place.


Excellent job on the google bomb :smiley:


I won’t hear of it! There’s a place in Eastborn…

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Can the blogger now seek leave to appeal on the grounds that the negative review has slipped down the search results in favour of coverage of the story?

And the proprietor must be so grateful to the judge right now.


Ill Giardia? Yes, that’s bad.


Sickening, I’d say.

From the headline, I actually thought the post would be about an ironic outbreak of giardia at the restaurant.

the judge probably woulda ruled in favor of the microbes…


Is France another benighted jurisdiction where truth is not a defense, or is this a judgement that was good enough for the comparatively weak standards of the emergency order; but likely to fall on appeal (conveniently scheduled for ‘too late’ or ‘never’ depending on the circumstances)?

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Still trying to picture what a Cap Ferret would look like…

A ferret wearing a cap? A ferret sitting atop one’s cap?

Pretty sure that, given the new publicity, the owner’s next legal move should be to sue the judge that ruled in his favour…


Yep, it’s lawsuits all the way down.


Oh dear, well now we all really know not to go there!


Al Giordino?

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I make no claims for the authenticity of the stories, but I heard that Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret was terrible. I heard that it was too expensive, that the food was awful, and that worse still, it had rats, cockroaches and botulism.

I just heard these things, but you would think that if Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret didn’t have rats, cockroaches and botulism, they’d issue a statement saying so. Anyone else know anything about the veracity of the claims that Il Giardino in Cap-Ferret is the worst restaurant in the world because it has rats, cockroaches and botulism? It’d be a shame to ruin its reputation if these rumours were just hearsay…


I’ve never been to France, know little of establishments within the country, but I now know of exactly one resturaunt. Congrats!