Peeping inside Paris's new nudist restaurant


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You’d think he’d understand.

tl;dr, but I’m guessing the article ends with, “Oh, and the food is kind of crap.”


On Ferenginar, ALL restaurants catering to feee-males are nudist restaurants.


Upholstered seats? Oh hell no-- you can’t clean those.



Settling in, the visitors reminded each other that the restaurant’s Web site had explained how the black slipcovers on the dining chairs are changed after each seating


Thank goodness for that-- I was just looking at the photo…


“Are you enjoying the cock-a-leekie soup, sir?”
“Uh, it’s great, it’s the breast. The best. I mean, the best.”


No. No. And, no… I spilled piping hot curry on my lap while in jeans and it hurt like hell… Can’t image how awful that’d been in the nude.


Good call choosing black seat covers over white, by the way. Nothing ruins the ambiance of an upscale dining establishment like visible skid marks.


Still ewwwww. I assume there’s staff whose job is to pull the used ones off.

From the linked New Yorker article:

You’ve read your last complimentary article this month…

I’ve seriously never been so happy to see that message.


Got you covered … apparently they don’t serve soup or similar dishes.

Reading the menu, the two New Yorkers clucked approvingly at the absence of hot soup or bubbly raclette dishes


Fondue is right out.


How many hotel workers and housekeepers spend hours each day stripping bedsheets? At least nobody is fucking on the seat cushions.


(figuratively, that is)


Exactly. I don’t know if I would want to or even could eat there.


View or food. You almost never get both.


Give it time.


It may surprise you but nudity isn’t the same thing as sexuality (outside the US Bible Belt and Saudi Arabia of course).