Barilla pasta chairman tells gay people to "eat pasta from another manufacturer"


“Condividilove”, a prominent group of Gay Rights activists in Italy (disclosure: also, my friends) came up with this great response.

Translation: Love goes well with anything.

Note the shapes of pasta :wink:


The executive also told the program’s hosts that “if the gays do not
agree, they can always eat pasta from another manufacturer,”

The guy’s a complete dick, but his statement is a bit more passive than “[Homosexuals should] eat a pasta from another manufacturer.”


I usually buy Barilla. Time to switch. Homophobes should keep it in the closet.


I would never do (a commercial) with a homosexual family, not for lack
of respect but because we don’t agree with them.

Bold declaration coming from someone who eats penne every day…


How about lesbian couples? Those could theoretically have two women in the kitchen and being central to the family…


Even as a heterosexual male single father, all I can say to this, “Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role” is really “fuck this guy”.


Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role…

Lemme guess; cooking the pasta?


Too bad! Barilla has been my go-to dry pasta. Holds it’s texture without turning to mush. What else is as good?


Yes, I need to know this too.

It really is a shame, because their noodles are pretty good quality, and really don’t have anything to do with sex and politics. Just another case of some jackass using his position and the market share of the company he runs to further a personal agenda, which is depressing.

With any luck, this guy loses his job, but unfortunately it’s far more likely that the working class chumps who run his factories will lose theirs so the company can pay for a marketing firm to whitewash their image.

Maybe we should start a petition calling for Mr. Barilla’s resignation? Make him radioactive enough, the company will replace him without any qualms. Just a matter of showing them it’s more profitable to cut him loose than it is to try to cover his ass.

Unless, of course, the other bigwigs at the company are equally narrow-minded. It’s an Italian company, after all, and they’re kinda traditionalist in a lotta very deeply culturally ingrained ways. Which is just yet another sad irony to add to the list, given that the region was once at the forefront of human innovation during the Renaissance. Nowadays, though… they haven’t really been doing well for a few hundred years now.

Penis Pasta, of course.


Well, hopefully he’s content use some other Internet. I don’t homophobes who want gsm to avoid their products should technology even slightly related Turing’s work among many others.

Too bad the “fundamental role” for the women in his family didn’t include instilling in him love and respect for all people.


Trader Joes makes an excellent penne. And it’s not enriched, which makes it unquestionably vegetarian. Where Barilla sources their niacin, I can’t say. Could be animal, could be plant. I don’t know, thus I never touch their pasta or any other enriched pasta.


Does it hold it’s shape when you over boil it? The penis pasta, I mean.

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Kirk VanHouten knows how this works.


The first thing I thought of when I read this was that old Sandler/Farley sketch for “Schmitts Gay”. The whole joke was that they did a stereotypical beer commercial, but it was targeted at gay men. It’s twenty years later, and we’re still not there. You’re still not going to see a serious commercial like that in the middle of a football game.

From what I can tell, all the Barilla pasta chairman said was, “Of course we’re not going to start making and airing commercials with gay families. We’re going to stick with a stereotypical old-fashioned family. If you’ve got a problem with that, you can go find a pasta company that decides it wants to be on the front lines of the culture wars.”

Why on earth would a pasta company get involved in red/blue state, liberal/conservative politics? Its like the time Micheal Jordan wouldn’t endorse a political candidate because 'republicans buy shoes, too."

Try to come up with a list of products that actively include gay families in their media campaigns. This guy came out and said it, but an overwhelming majority of companies won’t do it for the same reason.


Wait… there are gays that eat carbs?