Is Marjorie Taylor Greene suggesting Civil War in new poll?

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If the divorce is between Q-nuts and non-Qnuts and we get to keep the country, then sure.

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See, this is what deciding not to hang Robert E. Lee gets us.


Problem is, that Trump and his supporters like MTG and Bannon here are seeking to promote acts of violence. So, even if they can’t take over the country, people are going to get hurt and probably die if they keep this shit up. Which they will, as long as they go unchallenged.

Well no. It just would have made him a martyr to the early 20th century Lost Cause crowd. That was the problem - ending reconstruction and enabling Lost Cause historiography that shaped public perceptions of the Civil War which elided actual events.


Followed by give me money to make a divorce happen no doubt.

Her gQp clown behavior is making bank.


Does this mean they’re going to drop the whole one nation under God thingy?


Of course she is. She’s too stupid and ignorant to understand that it will be less like the American Civil War of 1861-65 (two sides with established home territories and formal militaries) and more like the on-going Syrian civil war, but she wants to see the Union fall apart in civil strife.



If I posted a Twitter poll asking whether MTG should be

  • Left Alone
  • Sunk to the bottom on the Marinaras Trench
  • Fired into the Sun

I’m guessing that Left Alone would be the least popular option, because its a Twitter poll that people who follow me would see, and not reflective of actual popular opinion.

(The best thing to happen to MTG would to either be convicted of insurrection and spend time in jail, or get primaried by someone sane who then loses to a Democrat anyway.)


For all their insistence that we recite the Pledge of Allegiance at every opportunity, the nationalists seem to have spent very little time considering what the word “indivisible” means.


Some people can’t let go of the notion that war is a glorious thing where men get to test themselves against the enemy :tm: rather than a tragic set of circumstances that one should strive to avoid unless absolutely necessary.

People need to go watch Come and See, which is a harrowing take on war.

I think they think it means ethnically cleansed of all the “undesirables” or at least those people living as second class citizens.


Well sedition in any case


that’s sufficient Sedition for me to see her kicked out of Congress.

And, what an asshole.


So in this divorce, are the proceeds split amicably, then each party goes on to gracefully share their common progeny/resources with priority to what those resources need first?

I mean, we’re not living this way NOW, so I don’t see any path to a clean divorce or upsides to anyone except the fabulously wealthy who are probably investing in war products as we speak.


I choose option 4: Divorce, by individual.

If you don’t like what someone is doing, and it doesn’t physically affect you or your party, then it is none of your business. Violence is an act of war.

If you are a republican and you don’t like that your employees from another party are forming a union, or that the school that is run by democrats has gender neutral toilets, then I guess it sucks to be you. It’s none of your business. Your kid is gay or trans? Leave them alone, forcing them to change would be a diplomatic incident at best. Your next door neighbours are turning their house into a satanic temple? That is their right, don’t stop them.

If they pull their guns out, they had better be prepared to explain themselves to the UN.

(I am aware that this is unworkable, but that is the point)


My deepest apologies, it just had to be done.


As someone who BS was in Fascism and the rise of Populist movements, I’ve gotten to the point where I think if we don’t start planning for a peaceful partition, we’re going to have a full-blown shooting civil war.


Even if a “peaceful partition” was desirable and logistically feasible (spoiler: it’s neither), Empty G and her minions would make sure it ended up with bullets.


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I will not be pushed out of my home, because people like you have decided that it’s more expedient than doing the work of actually pushing these fascists out of office.

There is NO peaceful partition. None.


IKR. Even if there was such a thing, red states would starve financially cut off from federal subsidies, defense contracts, trade, etc…