Marjorie Taylor Greene wants "national divorce," but dummy doesn't see who a secession would hurt most

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I’d prefer to avoid the situation; but I can only begin to imagine the response of MAGA border-wall enthusiasts to being treated as culturally suspect economic migrants when they try to clear border control at one Blue Zone or another.


they’ll only try to cross the border when they need an abortion


The people who would be hurt most are the underserved and already discriminated against minorities in “Red States” who will be rounded up and put in camps within a few days of such a hypothetical “divorce.” In some “Red States,” those people are actually the majority, but have been disenfranchised by takers like Empty Gee.


Plus there will be some number of privileged white people who decide they don’t want any part of it, and flee, even if they are not themselves in danger.


Marjorie Taylor Greene wants a “national divorce,” rooting for a Brexit-style separation between red states and blue states.

An ongoing shit-show that leaves no-one happy with the outcome?


Yeah Margie, whatever you say. A heard this a ton of times before when conservatives in western ny moan about Albany and NYC and say they want to secede from the state only to come face to face with this fact each and every time.

There are two states in the USA… blue states and welfare states. The federal government pretty much funds a significant number of small and large airports, farming subsidies, freight infrastructure, most of the electrical grid (except in most of the D̶o̶n̶n̶e̶r̶ ̶P̶a̶r̶t̶y̶ Lone Star state) and so much more. You’d think they would learn from how fucking bad Brexit was.


Friends of friends in the Southern Tier say the same. Including people getting government benefits. Despite many towns/cities looking like the zombie invasion has hit.

There are no blue and red states.


She advocating treason. Lock her up.


I wonder how that would work, do states swap the blue people with red people in other states, who decides if the blue people leave or the red people leave and then you would have to get all the states to agree on which states would get to be red and which would get to be blue.

For someone who wants to stop the divisiveness she sure wants to divide and she really hasn’t given it much thought.

It’s almost as if she’s just saying crap to stir the pot.


Confederate States Enthusiasts: the second worst people in the americas, narrowly behind Adolf Hitler enthusiasts.


Okay Marge, sure. Can us folks in blue cities in your precious red states then secede from your Confederacy, and rejoin the US? Because we have been wanting to divorce your useless rednecks and suburbanites for ages.


I don’t even bother with distinguishing the two. Just easier to type Neo-Nazi. The differences between them are not significant enough for me to care.




Look, Brexit has been going for more than four years and not one city has been razed to the ground yet. So by the standards of American states seceding, it’s going great.


It continually blows my mind how people in red states can actually advocate for another civil war - and completely forget why it worked out the way it did the last time.

Even in purely pragmatic terms… go to war with the northern half of the country? When your side has a smaller population, less industrial resources, less money, less international support, far less developed infrastructure, and you won’t even have the federal military at a national level? At best, just the military stationed in those red states - if even that.

It would only be a repeat of the previous Civil War, except worse for those attempting to secede. This time around the US government would also have the full support of both Canada and Mexico.

But so it is. Critical thinking is obviously not the main cause here…


Don’t you remember when Boris made Gloucestershire Howl, or Priti Patel’s March to Sunderland? :smile:


You don’t sound that different than mtg though. Sure you’re in the right zip code?


Going on past experience, I’m going to say, “Not well.”

The partition caused large-scale loss of life and an unprecedented migration between the two dominions.[4] Among refugees that survived, it solidified the belief that safety lay among co-religionists. In the instance of Pakistan, it made palpable a hitherto only imagined refuge for the Muslims of British India.[5] The migrations took place hastily and with little warning. It is thought that between 14 million and 18 million people moved, and perhaps more. Excess mortality during the period of the partition is usually estimated to be around one million.[6] The violent nature of the partition created an atmosphere of hostility and suspicion between India and Pakistan that affects their relationship to this day.


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