Is the Holy Stone HS100 the best drone money can buy?

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Sadly the only way to determine the real quality of a product is to specifically look for reviews between the low to mid-range rating, the high ones don’t really reflect potential problems, downsides, etc.


Holy stone? Like the one in Mecca? Who thought that up?

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My guess is that they used a random phrase generator


_I have tested 100s of drones, many of which are pretty bad

well… much more useful if you tell use which $200-$300 is the best?

always use to check amazon reviews, not perfect but helpful

and is pretty much agrees on this one

let me save you time, check the last paragraph

the lower-rated Bebop 2 is a much better drone according to the specs, my testing, and thousands of enthusiasts._

The SJRC S70W from TomTop is a whole other story. It is the same drone as the HS100 but at almost a 60% discount from the Amazon price. At about $120, you would be hard-pressed to find a better GPS camera drone. The features are far less buggy than much of the competition and it flies pretty well. Our insider tells us that the wholesale price of the S70W is about $70-80._

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Of course, there was the Holy Stone of Clonrichert, but that was only a class 4 relic:


Life was hard before Brillo pads…

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