Is the host of the new 'Gong Show' really Mike Myers?


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Mike Myers has certain mannerisms that come through in all of his characters. He has a certain way of holding his head, and the way he nods is the tell. It’s noticeable in even the briefest clips that have been showing up for weeks.


Shoulda dressed up as Shrek. I woulda bought a TV for that!


Please. Chuck Barris has obviously gone back undercover as a CIA hitman after faking his own death.

You’re slipping Chuck.


Not even Mike Myers remembers what Mike Myers looks like these days.


His contract has a clause that they dock his pay each time he slips into a Scottish accent.


It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mike Myers out of prosthetics.

Maybe that’s what he looks like these days!

But yes, the “cheeky monkey” line is 100% Mike Myers. His repertoire is, well, limited.
[insert video clip here from SNL of Simon saying “cheeky monkey, bum looker!”]


Are we sure it’s not John Morgan?


Mike Myers impersonating Benny Hill???



I don’t understand why there is any doubt about he being Mike Myers. It’s clearly him, and they’re not keeping it a secret, they just aren’t explicitly* using Mike Myers’ name to promote the show and they aren’t including his name in the credits to create the illusion that this character is a real person. The New Yorker article doesn’t question that it is Mike Myers, nor does it mention anyone having doubts that it is Mike Myers, so I’m unclear where Rusty’s doubts come from. Does Rusty even doubt that it is Mike Myers, or is this just a clickbait headline?

*The fact that we are talking about it demonstrates that they are in fact using his name to promote the show in a roundabout manner


Uh, you don’t even need the video. He’s using almost the identical British accent and cadence he used for Austin Powers. If he was actually trying to deceive anyone, it was a pretty poor effort.

(EDIT:   btw, I love me some Mike Myers, but there are so many, many British accents to choose from, couldn’t he have acquired a different one? And no, not the Scottish Fat Bastard one either.)



Would you?


depends on the expletive?


And for Inglorious Basterds.


So are they going to bring back The Popsicle Twins?


He always bases his impersonations on someone else - in this case there’s a pant load of Jack Hawkins.


So, who’s dubbing his voice?