Joel Osteen impersonator crashes event and tricks crowd into thinking he's Osteen


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He’s no more a phony than the real Osteen, what’s the problem?


I’m thinking this could be the set up to the “Pastor of Zenda”; where a look-a-like is forced to act as a stand in.


As a former Houstonian, I could tell the difference. He wasn’t smiling nearly as much as Joel does. Joel smiles like his xenomorph teeth are trying to escape his face.


Well he would be going to jail, if he cashed Osteen’s checks or slept with his wife. It sounds like he did nothing more than… get up on stage for a minute?


God I hope there was a scene like this right after the cops showed up.


Either of the two Spidermen brought more good and justice to the world than the phony in the title.


Nice try,doppelganger.


I’m a little disappointed he didn’t screw with people at all. Except asking for a beer. Next time.


Would have been better if he walked around drinking a bottle of cheap wine out of a brown paper bag with a copy of Hustler tucked under his arm. Still very funny though.


I think he looks like Matthew McConaughey.


Huh. . . they refer to him as “J.O.”. . . I always wondered what that meant in the “men seeking men” personals ads.

Learn something new everyday.


Impersonators impersonating impersonators…




McConaughey doesn’t look like that at all. McConaughey’s sporting a clean rough beard and although his hair is good, he dresses like a sort of casual redneck
(sorry M, it’s just an opinion. I really like your style!)
He showed up locally here a week or two ago handing out free turkeys in Lawrenceburg as part of his new gig as spokesman for Wild Turkey Distillery.
Saturday all the women are in the kitchen talking, and the doorbell rings.



So long as he didn’t actually CLAIM to be Osteen, and just walked around a public event and didn’t actually go anywhere he was TOLD not to, I don’t think that he has committed any crime or misdemeanor.


This. There was a TV show a couple years back where women were tricked into thinking they had dates with Prince Harry of England. They never actually called him “Prince Harry”, just “Sir” or other things like that. No fraud.


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