Man pretending to be cop arrested by actual cop

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I knew a guy that got arrested for doing this. He was a total dick. He was very very very well off, and when his folks bought him a BMW for his sweet 16, when we were in high school together, he made them take it back for a Mercedes. That’s the kind of guy he was.

My buddy worked as a rent a cop for the port, and to both our surprise this guy gets a job there. It’s pretty low brow for his level of income, and we had assumed he was already off to college. Nope. He just loved doing security work. He wanted to be a cop, but couldn’t get in. He bought all this gear with his private money.

A year later he was arrested for impersonating an officer in a small town. He was exactly the kind fo narcissist the post was talking about.


Normally fake cops are trying scams on elderly people so they sneak in their homes and steal their money and jewellery.
In this case the guy was impersonating a policemen because was having a love affair.
(imagine if the woman was also havin an affair with an indian, a sailor, a biker, a construction worker and a cowboy…)


Normally, I find this behaviour really weird, but I kind of feel bad for this kid. According to him in the interview at the police station, his dad died in the line of duty a few years ago, and clearly that’s left him with some issues.


I had a former co-worker that got in trouble for this. His father was a Police captain, but he was unable to pass the academy. Bought himself a surplus Crown Vic and reinstalled all the lights and internals. Including the Mossberg shotgun in the holder. He was walked out of work shortly after security called around to find out whose unmarked car it was.

The Cops refer to them as “holster sniffers”.


Law of averages says that eventually one of these clowns is going to pull over an actual armed criminal.

How does the system treat a fake cop killer?


Also, that a fake cop is going to pull over another fake cop.

What happens then? Do they both accuse the other one of being fake cop, or both believe the other is a real cop?

Or do they both realize the other is fake, and have a gentleman’s agreement to pretend the other is a real cop as well?


That would a whole new level of bonkers for a fake cop to be so confident to call out another fake cop.



“What’s your name?”

“Brenden Wysynski.”

“How do you spell that?”

Just like it sounds… W. O. J. C. I. E. H. O. W. I. C. Z.


I felt bad for the kid too, making a colossal, life-altering mistake at the earliest possible age, but at the same time this was a kid who’d just doubled down on impersonating a cop when the actual cops showed up, and had obviously rehearsed that professional-banter tone he started off with. Makes me wonder if I’m not being suckered with those other details.

“Can I call my wife?” I guess that sounds better than “can I call my mom,” which is certainly who my “one phone call” would’ve had to go to at eighteen.

And as far as his father, he clearly starts out by saying he got the badge “offline” and then changes his story to say it was his dad’s badge. Is Albuquerque such a hotbed of cop-killers that the police wouldn’t remember a local deputy named “Wysynski” getting killed in the line of duty a few years back?

My skepticism isn’t proof of anything, but I feel less bad about the possibility that the kid is a talented, inveterate liar, doing something highly likely to get himself or someone else killed, and that getting him out of that business sooner rather than later is better for everyone. In either case I’d rather see probation and mandatory counseling than a prison term, but my worry is that people who let feeling sorry for this kid win out over being wary of him end up getting burned because of it.


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep had a whole fake police department

They didn’t use that for the movies


Go for beers in a Fake Cop Bar?




I still can’t believe the size of the swimming pool of white privilege this kid is floating in to be treated so well during the encounter and subsequent arrest.


also, this should be a “gentleman” headline


didn’t frisk him, didn’t pull his gun (or shoot him), didn’t cuff him when he put him in the car, so…white.


The long arm of the law got him.

Oldie but goodie


This kid is on the same spectrum as George Zimmerman. People like this are straight up dangerous.