Is the host of the new 'Gong Show' really Mike Myers?


Very true, good point.


Will Oingo Boingo also make an appearance on the new gong show?


It could be an interesting twist on Reality TV. Scripted reality TV with a famous host who never breaks character.

Heck, why not next, a fake reality show that has a real celeb or two, but actually tells a story and eventually is obviously a drama. But the audience may not realize it until a few episodes in?


I admire the silliness and the goofy conceit, but it doesn’t look like something I’d enjoying watching.

Confession: I totally hated The Gong Show in the 70s. But I watched it anyway. God, I’m so confused.


I didn’t recognize that it was Mike Meyers, but when I saw the commercials for the new Gong Show, I thought this guy isn’t very good if the funniest thing he can think of to say or do is laugh like Austin Powers.


Hey, if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!


Is the host of the new ‘Gong Show’ really Mike Myers?

Yes. But more to the point: why?


Funny,. I heard an audio ad for the show it and thought to myself, “Isn’t that Mike Meyers?” I have a soft spot for him so I enjoyed that clip of him with Will Arnet, but the gong show is something I would never watch. I’d rather see this character hosting a throw-back late-night show.They could act like its an old show that never went off the air, but all these modern celebrities are interviewed and he’s totally clueless about them. It could be pretty funny, basically a Jiminy Glick sort of thing…


Who will be the new Gene Gene the Dancing Machine or Unknown Comedian?


Sort of like what these guys did:


Knew it just from hearing his voice when a promo played on a TV in another room.


I was in a cellphone store (Rogers, in Canada) and they had their proprietary channel on loop advertising shit for the company that would be on TV. They explicitly said Myers.


Martin Short wasn’t available?


When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater.

In that book, a kid left home alone gets to watch late-night TV and is horrified to see game shows with people laughing spastically at things that aren’t funny, running around and doing stupid awful things for money, and acting like amalgamations of human beings – fake people. He realizes that they’re aliens taking the form of people; he calls them pod people.

That’s all I can think of when I see clips from the new Gong Show.



I love fake shows!

Jiminy Glick, Between Two Ferns, Fernwood 2 Night, The Sammy Maudlin Show… If it’s pretending to be real, I’m in.


I would give so much to see footage of the night when Freddie Prinze had had enough of Andy Kaufman’s Tony Clifton and forced him to break character.

There’s a chance somebody will do the same with Mike Meyers here, which almost makes me want to watch.


Did you see the first season of the Joe Schmoe show?


Sean Spicer’s Whitehouse press conferences?


The original had one episode where every contestant sang “Feelings” - just to mess with the judges.