Is there *anyone* whose stomach didn't churn even without playing the Old Spice ad?

The initial still of the apparent progeria victim, and the cutesy text, provoke an immediate reaction of “never going near the stuff” for me. My gut (ugh) reaction is that they didn’t intend that ad to be displayed to this audience; if they did, their advertising director’s pretty darned clueless.

Unless – this being BoingBoing and conspiracy theories being more common than they should be – this is a false-flag operation by a competetor…

I had to look this up, so:

I refreshed a few times and did not encounter any Old Spice ads, can you screenshot-and-crop here?

Looks like this may be my own fault for running noscript and blocking most ads; I may be getting whatever the default content of the ad box is, or whatever’s left over from last time I let the scripts run.

Allowing some of the scripts to run once (well, allowing all, though the refresh promptly came up with a whole bunch of other foreign scripts that it blocked) made the particularly annoying ad go away.

I know, “don’t run noscript, you’re blocking our income stream.” I didn’t run ad blockers until annoying roll-over popups and gratuitous animations/noises became intolerable. I could make an exception for BB, for a while at least, and see whether the online advertising industry has learned not to be too annoying to be tolerated… but I really hate opening up more permissions than are required to run the site; it’s a potential security issue as well as an annoyance factor.

Now I must see this ad.

(refreshes furiously)

Spoke too soon, it’s back. OK, I’m overstating the “progeria”, but the combination of element in this ad is fairly unpleasant.

I can try to block MORE of BB’s advertising…

Ah that’s enough for me to find it.

(turns out that’s a “costume” mom is wearing on her back to spy on her son becoming a glorious man in the high school cafeteria)

brb headed to store, need Old Spice now

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Whatever it is, yecch.

Apparently it’s coming in via They’re gone.

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