Supercut of Wilford Brimley saying "Diabeetus" contrasted against other people saying "Diabetes"

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As a type 1 diabetic of 30+ years, I’ve always secretly hated this kind of stuff.


Aghh…after I watched the imbedded video (which was funny), this popped up:



Yup, it’s happened to me many times.
Maybe 2 months or so ago and then again today.

Hey @beschizza:
This shit right here? This is the good shit.
Thank you for finding and sharing the good shit.


I keep getting that regularly now for the past 2 weeks- only when I visit Boing Boing.

It is starting to freak me out, I dont know what it is or how to get rid of it. Just redirects my browser against my will with no click suddenly while browsing

How Do we get rid of it?

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to kill the ad derail here.
report it with screenshots to or start a meta topic.

also @orenwolf shitty ad reported.


I’ve not seen this, but I use Privacy Badger to great effect. I like that it has a default set of blocks per page and you can adjust specific blocks on/off to suit your needs/exposed surface area.

Any equivalent for Chrome?

I never figured out how to use ad blockers on Android mobile browsers or that might have helped. It seems like there’s over 20 apps that claim to do that in the Google App Store but I am seeing that with wary eyes

It’s definitely something that only happens on this site when visiting this site. I don’t know if bb has been hijacked or something…

Sorry I missed that you were on mobile. (I dumbly assumed PC, where by the way Privacy badger has addins/plugins/twiddlins for most major browsers)
I have some friends who use a rooted android with blockers to great effect. Not something I’ve had the patience to deal with.
Regarding BB, its likely coming in through the ad-network. Periodically some malicious ads make it in and wreck/reak it all up.
I want to support BB with ad-views but the frequency of stuff like this prevents that from being a reality. :frowning:

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Wilford has bigger problems than “diabeetus” but fortunately he’s a hacker who can extrapolate global outcomes from petri dish data sets. And he has a gun to back up his conclusions. That’s the right thing to do, and a tasty way to do it.


Was gonna ask if there’s a supercut of George Dubya Bush vs. everyone else saying nuclear, but I’ve heard enough about him over the past couple of days…


Agreed. I first searched for Dubya saying nukular, but I found Homer and decided that was better.

ETA: There does exist exactly what you suggest. Don’t look.


This is horrible and pervasive. Great write-up here:

The status quo is to allow advertisers to inject whatever javascript they want into an ad, and not all advertisers are scrupulous. I’m blown away that tech companies haven’t banded together to kill the need for custom javascript, given 98% of ads are just carousels can’t we standardize and close this hole.

I get a lot, and only on the boing boing. so I installed an ad blocker (AdGuard) and problem solved.

Now do one of Benedict Cumberbatch contrasted against other people saying “penguins.”

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Like saying “prostrate” instead of “prostate”.

Yes we’ve been able to do carousels with CSS for years. The problem is that JS is used for tracking, which they want as much of as possible.