Short-circuiting the Facebook tease video Link


Or just post what/why you’re sharing in your post when you share it? This is a good idea, but it’s as obvious as ducking under low branches. People who aren’t doing it already probably won’t do it after reading this.


It’s right up there with the advertising gimmick used by lazy ad people: “who’s Salt?” Screw you! If you won’t tell me I sure as heck ain’t gonna check out the website. I’ve seen this tactic used so many times on subway an bus ads.


This has been going on forever with local news stations. “Is that bagel going to kill you? Find out at 11”.


All hype headlines that ask a question can be answered, No.


Also, the first link after the article: “The Three Problems with Child Car Seats”. Made me question the whole thing a little :slight_smile:


Am I missing something or does this tip require me to click on crappy links just so I can try to prevent other people from doing the same? Otherwise how do I know the spoiler?


Won’t someone come forth to make this brave sacrifice? Where is a hero when we need one?


It also works for articles. The secret is to post a spoiler comment so no-one reads the story.
Meta-zen achieved.


I for one, wholeheartidly agree with you. Spoil the Mofing marketing clicking stupid question.

A sympathetic idea, but it has two flaws: 1) you will need to read (or at least scan) the horrible article/watch the horrible video, and 2) the first comment will disappear from first sight, at least on facebook, when other comments start coming.
But even then, it’s totally worth doing in some cases.

I love @HuffPoSpoilers on twitter. They retweet @HuffingtonPost headlines spoiling the clickbait.


Getting a single person to take one for the team would be a supreme sacrifice. From the point of view of the link owner, this might be a case of Asshole, what a Christ.

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Does anyone know what the one weird trick that helps you lose weight/have cleaner teeth/save money is that doctors/dentists/money people quite irrisponsibly don’t want you to know? I am intrigued but afraid to click the links in case there are a bunch of hired goons (in white coats) waiting with clubs and chains.

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Going out on a limb here but I’d say eat less sugar would cover that.

Hmmm… makes sense, but that just doesn’t seem weird enough to me. I’m looking for something like “only drink beverages that are shot in your gob by a super soaker” or something.

Eat less sugar out of a monkey’s butt?

Just spit-balling here.


Slate took the bullet for us there:

Thanks for that- curiosity satisfied. It’s essentially a sorting system for finding people that are willing to tolerate and believe bullshit, 'cos that’s a golden group to market to. I had just kinda hoped that it was something simple like scooching around on the floor like a dog for 20 minutes a day, but no one had ever actually clicked the link to find out.

What is this Facebook you speak of?