Spoilered Links

@codinghorror Would you guys consider a way to make spoilered links visible without actually clicking on them? There is a totally unoffensive example here:


My browser displays the link with mouse “hover over”. This is still worth looking into.


With what browser? I’m using Firefox ESR 45.4.0 on Windows 7, and hovering only partially de-spoils the link, but not enough to read it.

Firefox 49.0.2 (OS X):

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Yeah, wow, that pisses me off that I was taken to the link instead of de-spoiling it.

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How bizarre. This is what it looks like here:

No hover:


That’s probably not enough to get me to move into an Apple world. :wink:

It displays at the bottom of the window, not where the mouse pointer is. I’m not sure of the behavior on MS Windows. (I had a Win 7 VM but MS decided some time last year that my license was no longer valid, and I haven’t had the motivation to deal with it.)


Ah, ok. That probably works, but I have an add-on that covers that space with something important. Let me turn it off and see if it works.

Yeah, same behavior for me with Chrome on Win10. When I hover over the spoiler-tagged link, the actual link text appears in the lower-left corner of the window. I just have to remember to glance there, since it’s kinda small and subtle.

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Yah with my other extension turned off, that works, so apparently a RatMan problem. It’d be nice if it displayed on the link though. It seems like one degree of spoilage would be enough for a link.


Yeah spoilered link behavior is not optimal, if the only thing you’re spoiler-ing is the link.

One workaround, perhaps… add some text?

what about this link?



That’s a fine solution, but there’s no way to make the poster follow it.


Perhaps Discourse could automatically add it to spoilers links?

Eh, maybe, but the workaround in this case is even uh… no pun intended… clearer since the word “conclusion:” was kinda conceptually a part of the thing as posted:

Ok. Thank you for looking at it.

I agree link-only spoilers are not handled well, but I just wanted to point out the workaround is super easy.

That workaround didn’t work for me–clicking on the “conclusion” text unspoilered both the text and link…but clicking on the blue spoilered link followed the link and opened that page.

That… sounds totally correct to me? You clicked once to expose the spoiler, then clicked the link? Not following what is “wrong” about that.

No… if you click the link part of the spoilered text once, it follows the link. If you click on the text part, it de-spoils the link and then you know where you’re clicking.

Right, don’t click the link part on first click, which is blue and link-y?

Even in blur form “this is a link” is reasonably clear, I think.

(Not defending the behavior, which is not ideal, but pointing out that avoiding a link even in blurred form is not super hard.)