Is this a photo of the elusive and creepy Jersey Devil?


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Maybe he’s near an old Mobil station.


What’s that rule about headlines that are questions?



Pretty sure that’s a dog that’s been tossed into the air…

#5 no


That looks nothing like Chris Christie!


Came to see this. My job here’s done.


I aim to please.


Looks more like an old, moldy goat pinata to me.


no way that anything that body size could get lift with wings that size. cuz physics and stuff.


Diabolicus Paredolius.


The Jersey Devil cares not for your “physics”!!!


100% flying dog


Looks like someone glued some “wings” onto a goat and then 'shopped it into another picture.


If you can even call those wings! also if you look closely they aren’t even coming out of the back in a place that would allow flapping they are on the far side of the animal.

Wings need very powerful muscles for lift, which is why birds pectorals are so large. What muscles would flap the wings of a 4 legged creature? Even if they had 6 total appendages (4 legs + 2 wings), they’d have to have some very extreme morphology to power the wings.


Big fan of Jersey Devil lore, but if this was something in the air, it was probably something like this.

Bonus, Ben Franklin, Quakers and the political origins of the Jersey Devil.


Came here to post this. My work here is done. (By you.)


My bad, guys. My sex toy got out.


I just remembered - didn’t Fox Mulder encounter her once?


Tossed a plush Jersey Devil doll and snapped a pic. I’ll wait for video before believing.