See this amazing baby goat that walks on two legs (due to birth defect)


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Aww, it needs some wheels.


If it looks like a goat, sounds like a goat, and walks like a duck…?


Like this?

If a goat has NO LEGS AT ALL, there is little you can do for it except teach it to play the trumpet.


Nah, with wheels it will have trouble playing king of the hill. And that would be a major bummer for a goat… Get it a jetpack instead, then it can get up on top of things just like a proper goat.



Life always finds a way…


why wouldn’t they just eat it?


But does it lay eggs? Now THAT would be cool.


Maybe they have a head for business and are charging people the local equivalent of $5 to see their special goat?


That kid’s got a future in show business. Give it some hair styling, digitally clone it a dozen times, and it can be in the next Star Wars movie! Much better looking than any Bantha…


“With a goat as great at this, you don’t eat it all at once”.


Holy cow!


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